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Cutback TRUCKS

Our trucks are the result of many years of experience in sports such as surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding. We wanted our trucks to be simple, reliable and versatile, our goal was to create a board and trucks that combines the best features of surfskate and cruiser. Allowing you to simultaneously enjoy street surfing and train surfing maneuvers. The versatility of our trucks makes our system suitable for riders of all levels and styles.




Our trucks are based on a reverse kingpin construction. The geometry of the front trucks, designed by us, allows to achieve a short turning radius when we want to practice surf, and stable enough to use our board like a cruiser.



Our trucks also have a raised axle height, which allows for free grinds and a more skateboard style of riding.

This allows you to grind on qurterpipes or walls without worrying about snagging a kigpin on the coping.


By surf training, we mean performing and practicing, maneuvers typical of surf training on a surfskate, e.g. Bottom Turn Cutback or Infinity Loop. The idea is to consolidate the motor skills that will be needed on a real wave.


The loosening of the kingpin bolts on the trucks makes very sharp turns possible.

Loose trucks best imitate surfing and allow you to have a valuable training on land.



Street surfing is the essence of fun riding for us. Fast smooth turns in the skatepark or moving around the city. It's what surfing and skateboarding is all about - pure fun and exploration.

Tightening the kingpin bolts will make the board more stable.

Tighter trucks will allow for more comfortable cruising around town, while maintaining responsiveness in the turns.


Our boards come in many sizes allowing everyone to choose the right equipment, each shape has different characteristics offering a wide range of applications. All our boards are made of 7-ply Canadian maple.

Purple Haze / Neo Ripper 


  • surfskating/ cruising

  • for kids and smaller riders

  • deep concave

  • the smallest turning radius

Color Wave / Sunlight


  • cruising/ surf training

  • for all riders as a cruising board

  • flat concave

  • smaller wheels

Palm / Fat Wave


  • cruising/ surf training

  • for riders with bigger feet

  • and beginners

  • flat concave

  • the most universal board

Sporting SPC / B&W / Sunset


  • bowl/ skatepark riding/

  • cruising

  • deep concave

  • bestseller

Splash / Dark Blue /

Big Wave / GoldenWave


  • downhill/ cruising/

  • surf training

  • for tall riders

  • medium concave

  • all-round long

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